Repealing Obamacare Part I: The Ted Cruz Plan

With the new Administration still being formed and trying to get past the exit of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Congress is still kind of stuck in neutral. The House has been working to pass small bills and resolutions, while the Senate is mostly working with Confirmations still, due to Democratic Opposition to all of Trump’s appointee’s (just because they’re Trump’s). With everything that’s been going on and just clogging up the news, the repeal efforts that we the people were promised to get rid of Obamacare have somewhat slowed and stalled out.

However, there is hope, and some growing momentum too.

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College Democrats Have Come To Campus

I go to a conservative Christian University in South Florida, so I only get to hear about leftist maniacs from the news, and sites like Campus Reform. My University is pretty lax, and is great when it comes to freedom of expression and free speech. Remind you, this is a Private University. Despite all of this, there seems to be a small leftist revival on my campus, specifically, the  reformation of the College Democrats group.

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The Left Is Tainting Protest Under Trump’s Presidency


Today, I’d like to take some time to address the left and so-called anarchists. My reason for doing this isn’t to hard: I simply wish to share a bit of advice with them.

And so, to the liberals, leftists, “anarchists”, and so on who have taken to the streets and poured out their thoughts on social media, here’s my advice to you all:


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Tulsi Gabbard Goes To Syria For The Truth

Like her or not, I have respect for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a rarity among member of the US Congress. She’s standing up for what she believe’s in (not some corporate interest), and is a genuine character. Do we agree on everything? Not at all. I’m anti-Bernie. She felt the Bern. But that does not matter. What matters is what we can agree on, and that often is found to be foreign policy.

Representative Gabbard was recently over in Syria, which is actually a big deal. All of the info we’ve been hearing from Syria recently has come from the Mainstream Media and their connections within the (un)Intelligence Community. That information is tainted, to say the least. But when someone, like a Representative from the House goes over, details her accounts and findings on social media and blog posts, then a different story comes to light.

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Top 5 Alex Jones Moments

He may not be a household name, but Alex Jones is well-known around Internet circles. He and his writers, reporters, and co-hosts over at Infowars have become best known for saying some pretty crazy and outlandish things on quite a few occasions, though they do also bring up verifiable truths and things that eventually become true. Some of his video’s are among the my personal favorites, especially his Piers Morgan appearance. Yet, the Internet is a strange place, and some of it’s content creators have latched onto his personality and words, and have made some interesting masterpieces.

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Yes Republicans, Tariffs Are Bad

I wanted to touch on the subject of tariffs for a few reasons. There seems to be growing support for this bad economic policy, by people supporting Trump, and many others and such. Trump, if you remember back in the campaign, promised to raise import tariff’s on imported goods from countries like China and Mexico to offset our Trade Deficit (this is the cost of imports being greater than the value of its exports).

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Two Different Stories About The Rebel Evacuation Of Aleppo

Aleppo: the doomed Syrian city that’s been fought over between the Syrian Government of Bashar Al-Assad, and formerly the Syrian Rebels. The Rebels have begun ceding control of the small portion of Eastern Aleppo that they still control, after months of a brutal Government offensive to take back the city from the Rebels.

Reports coming from mainstream sources show a picture of horror and impending doom. Articles, like this one from USA Today, detail accounts of Aleppo residents who are posting their “final goodbyes” in videos on social media:

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