I would like to thank you for visiting my blog here! My name is Jeff, and I am currently a college student studying Political Science (Major) and Computer Science (Minor). I’m a native Michigander, who became a Virginian for a few years (down in Virginia Beach) till mid-2014, and then moved to my current stomping ground of Palm Beach, Florida. I currently go to school at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and I’m a current Sophomore there.

I have been around the political spectrum a bit. I used to be a die-hard Republican, beginning around 2008. Then I evolved more into what I now call a Conservative Inc. kind of person, who basically parrots The Heritage Foundation and a lot of Neo-Conservative thoughts. Not my brightest time, but it happened, and I admit it. Through a bit of evolution and some influence from friends, I turned more towards constitutionalism in my high school years, and became a big fan of Ron Paul in 2013.

I first came to know libertarianism from Ron Paul when I was doing some YouTubing of him and his previous campaign. I would watch all the ads, the speeches, anything I could find. The ideas the man espoused were actually quite sensicle when I thought of them in-depth, and they made perfect sense to me. I began looking up more things on libertarianism, and found the Mises Institute, and The Tom Woods Show. These sources, along with others, have really helped cement my thoughts on free markets and freedom in general.

A couple of my favorite libertarian/liberty-minded news sources: