College Democrats Have Come To Campus

I go to a conservative Christian University in South Florida, so I only get to hear about leftist maniacs from the news, and sites like Campus Reform. My University is pretty lax, and is great when it comes to freedom of expression and free speech. Remind you, this is a Private University. Despite all of this, there seems to be a small leftist revival on my campus, specifically, the  reformation of the College Democrats group.

This club has been dormant on campus for over 4 years now. Yet, over the past few months, their social media accounts became active once more, and they officially called for officers at our Club Rush (where students come to check out clubs at the beginning of the semester). They held their first meeting this week even.

Now, I am perfectly fine with this. I am a part of some other organizations on campus (Pre-Law and College Republicans to name a few), and I have no issue with them forming. I like the idea of having a rival club on campus. We, the Exec Board for the club, are planning on reaching out to them and setting up some sort of debate later this semester. I think it would be fun, but watching other College Democrats and other leftist groups interact with people not on the left on campus leaves room for definite concern.

My school has never been a big party school. We ban alcohol on campus period. We’re laid back, and like to have fun, but we’re Christ-centered, and know these things that so many college students today don’t know: limits. Shouting matches don’t take place on campus. Fights, to my knowledge, have not been reported since I’ve been here. The most crimes I hear about are just car break-in’s. That’s it. The students here aren’t going to go out into the streets and scream for the means of production to be redistributed.

Yet, I hold concern: this group has already made attacks against my club. I was sent this Facebook post by a friend of  mine, who is a former member of my club:

Now, my club has said nothing on the matter. My friend let them have it (thus the reason for the 1 Share on the post). And I find it somewhat creepy that they’re taking pictures of me without talking to us or anything like that. I kinda feel like they’re spying on us.

But not only is it creepy, it’s rude. I’d love for these College Democrats to point out how we have marginalized people on campus. Remind you, it’s a more conservative campus. There are very few of these in the country. There are hundreds of leftists-infested universities all across the nation. My University has never encouraged the discrimination of any kind, nor have I seen any kind of wide-spread marginalization going on. It’s fantasy.

I could go into how the real marginalization on campus is done by the intolerant left in its quest for 100% agreement on all issues with them and no deviance from them. Leftists are in the process of destroying campuses just because a Republican is President (this somehow is a justification to them). The right didn’t burn down buildings, smash windows at Starbuck’s, and act violent like this when Obama was in office. The Left is intolerant of anything that isn’t to their liking, and now this sentiment, I fear, is beginning to creep into my campus.

In the following months with this semester, what is my plan for our club? Putting it simply, it’s to remain civil in our conduct, and educate the student body about the ideas of freedom and liberty. Those have been my goals, and even in the face of opposition, they shall not change. That is for certain.

I do not know what the College Democrat’s long-term game plan is. I couldn’t forecast that out without going to a meeting. However, I know that we’ll be prepared for any kind of attack they may throw at us.

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