Yes Republicans, Tariffs Are Bad

I wanted to touch on the subject of tariffs for a few reasons. There seems to be growing support for this bad economic policy, by people supporting Trump, and many others and such. Trump, if you remember back in the campaign, promised to raise import tariff’s on imported goods from countries like China and Mexico to offset our Trade Deficit (this is the cost of imports being greater than the value of its exports).

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Two Different Stories About The Rebel Evacuation Of Aleppo

Aleppo: the doomed Syrian city that’s been fought over between the Syrian Government of Bashar Al-Assad, and formerly the Syrian Rebels. The Rebels have begun ceding control of the small portion of Eastern Aleppo that they still control, after months of a brutal Government offensive to take back the city from the Rebels.

Reports coming from mainstream sources show a picture of horror and impending doom. Articles, like this one from USA Today, detail accounts of Aleppo residents who are posting their “final goodbyes” in videos on social media:

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5 Reasons To Have Hope For The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party has had one of it’s best election’s to date this year: their Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, and his “co-president” Bill Weld, were able to reach above 4 million votes to get 3.28% of the vote, which for the LP, is a new high. In essence, Gary was able to more than quadruple what he received in 2012, and people should be excited by this.

Could things have been run better? Sure. There was plenty of room for improvement in the Johnson/Weld campaign, but these are the growing pains that the LP needs to go through at some point. These are what we need to take as lessons of the past, and create work around’s and solutions to for the future.

Now, allow me to do some projecting forward. Here are 5 reasons why the future of the Libertarian Party is nice and bright:

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