The Left Is Tainting Protest Under Trump’s Presidency


Today, I’d like to take some time to address the left and so-called anarchists. My reason for doing this isn’t to hard: I simply wish to share a bit of advice with them.

And so, to the liberals, leftists, “anarchists”, and so on who have taken to the streets and poured out their thoughts on social media, here’s my advice to you all:


If you wish to really oppose Trump, there’s plenty that could be done. But I will get to that later. For now, I wish to analyze how terribly your movements and protests are working for you.

Have your tactics worked? Clearly, NO, they haven’t. Trump is President. That, by default, means your tactics were a failure. His Cabinet is taking shape. He’s began doing what he told his supporters he’d do. Your constant protesting and calling him everything under the sun (Ex: racist, sexist, homophobe, greedy, etc…) has done nothing. It failed to stop Trump and his “movement” in the primaries. More than a dozen other GOP candidates attempted to shut him down, some even using some of your own tactics, and they all failed. To add even more insult to their injuries, most of them were hurt by trying to attack Trump, and you all should expect nothing different from this by continuing to carry out the same mistakes that were done before.

Have the protests turned more people against him? NO, they haven’t. It has probably turned people TOWARDS him. And there’s historical evidence that this is what is happening, and why Democrats should be concerned for 2018 and on.

A recent study from Princeton found that when there are violent protests (as are happening before, during, and now after the election), Democrats tend to lose vote-share numbers, with those people either not voting, voting Republican, or etc…. These effects were readily visible on the 1964, 1968, and 1972 elections, around the time of the Black Panthers movement, the  Weather Underground domestic terrorist attacks, and so on. The effects have been seen now on 2016: Hillary Clinton lost. The popular vote doesn’t matter, and more than likely, if these protests continue to be violent, then Democrats may end up having a very tough time saying “We won the popular vote!” in 2020.

*To read the full study, click this link: [Princeton Study]*

Have you made a legitimate protest or any such opposition to what Trump does harder and less legitimate? YES. It seemed like every rally in the campaign, every event, every time there was a Trump related thing going on anywhere, you all (the protesting left) turned out and spent the two cents of political capital you had gained off the last protest on crying and whining. Now that he’s President, what will happen when he does something actually bad? The People (by People, I mean everyone in the US) have had to deal with more than a year of watching you all cry and destroy stuff because “he hurts your feelings”. They are going to have lost any sympathy for you, especially with the more constant calls of them being “fascist” too. You’ve poisoned your own movement, and made yourselves outcasts in a time when you should have been sitting down, talking with people, and just trying to understand what Trump means to them.

Do you thing that protesting in the streets will make this all better? Every single day, there’s a protest in the streets. Protesting is becoming tainted, all thanks to you folks. It’s becoming seen as just full of leftists crybabies whining.

Do you believe that celebrities and the Hollywood elite class should call out Trump and the GOP? I’ve got news for you: hasn’t worked, won’t work, and never will work. You can get a million C-list celebrities, maybe a few B-listers and an A-lister together, and it would still fall flat on its face. People do not like to be lectured by out-of-touch wealthy movie/tv/music/etc.. stars. So the next time you try and get people to watch those kinds of video’s, of celebrities lecturing regular people, just know that you’re doing more harm to your movement than good.

You people, the leftists whining in the streets and smashing Starbuck’s across the country, have spoiled legitimate protest against the President BEFORE he even had a CHANCE to do anything. Yes, you did that! Before he was even President, when he still couldn’t have done anything, you were protesting. You had just spent months trying to lecture Republicans and conservatives about accepting the election results, and then you became the biggest of hypocrites! You took to the streets while Barack Obama and his Administration were doing some last-minute things to screw you over, like the Justice Department under his Attorney General Loretta Lynch allowing the NSA to share YOUR DATA that it collected from you with other departments. Yes, that actually happened. Don’t believe it happened? Watch:

It is YOU who is to blame for opposition to the Trump Admin not being taken seriously. I don’t like Trump’s proposed Wall, or his proposed tariff. I don’t like either of these things, but I know that if I begin speaking out against these things, people will simply say “Oh, well you’re just an upset liberal who wanted Hillary to win”. And that couldn’t be any more wrong, but it’s going to happen now, thanks to you leftists.

Do you think I’m wrong? Please, I’d love to see how exactly this is all part of some master plan to oppose Trump. I want to know how these protests have worked, because from the  results I keep seeing, y’all are failing miserably.

Maybe, it’s time for a change in thought. What if you didn’t champion big government when your guy was in office, then opposed it when he was out (like the Republicans often do)? What if you actually found use for the Constitution in its original form, and didn’t try to keep inventing new meanings that have been used to erode its protections over the past 200 years? What if you tried actually opposing handing all powers to the Federal Government, and instead tried a little federalism, and even more local control? Would that not work better for the society and country that you wish to make? I know for my movement, the libertarian movement, that’s the way to go.

The Federal Government should never have been allowed into almost every aspect of our lives. It was a gross mistake each time, and has made our lives all more harder. It’s time to come back to sanity and realize that bigger government, the thing you all have championed over the past so many years, is the reason why you’ve lost, and will continue to lose moving forward. Americans have never been fans of having a larger federal government. History shows this well. You’re attempting to change something through society that’s been ingrained on us since the country’s founding, and that is why you have lost.

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