Top 5 Alex Jones Moments

He may not be a household name, but Alex Jones is well-known around Internet circles. He and his writers, reporters, and co-hosts over at Infowars have become best known for saying some pretty crazy and outlandish things on quite a few occasions, though they do also bring up verifiable truths and things that eventually become true. Some of his video’s are among the my personal favorites, especially his Piers Morgan appearance. Yet, the Internet is a strange place, and some of it’s content creators have latched onto his personality and words, and have made some interesting masterpieces.

This post puts forth some of the best of the best the Internet has to offer when it comes to Jones.

#5. Gay Frogs

Never did I think I would hear the words “gay” and “frogs” used next to each other, but Jones has proven me wrong.

#4. Alex Jones Ambushes The Young Turks @ RNC

By FAR, one of the best video’s on the Internet to date. Watching Cenk Ugyur and the rest of the loon’s at TYT completely lose everything when he comes in was just a joy to watch, and a bright light in the dark dismal sea of the RNC.

#3. Justin Bieber

Who couldn’t use a good rant against the Bieber? I found this to be a gem that was truly enlightening and hilarious. But, he does has a point for the fakeness bit.

#2. Salon Romanticizing Pedophilia

I support this rant. Pedophilia is NOT a good thing. Why should we romanticize this and make it an acceptable thing? This isn’t something we, as a society should be doing. Far from it.

#1. Jones vs. Morgan

I need not really say much here. The video and Jones speak for themselves.

But those are my favorite Alex Jones video’s. What are some of your favorites? Comment below with them, and I may do a follow-up post with some of my audiences favorites.

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