Two Different Stories About The Rebel Evacuation Of Aleppo

Aleppo: the doomed Syrian city that’s been fought over between the Syrian Government of Bashar Al-Assad, and formerly the Syrian Rebels. The Rebels have begun ceding control of the small portion of Eastern Aleppo that they still control, after months of a brutal Government offensive to take back the city from the Rebels.

Reports coming from mainstream sources show a picture of horror and impending doom. Articles, like this one from USA Today, detail accounts of Aleppo residents who are posting their “final goodbyes” in videos on social media:

“At home waiting for the inevitable fate that Allah wills,” Salah Ashkar, 28, said in a telephone call, his voice quaking as Syrian government forces moved in to reclaim the last portions of Aleppo held by rebel forces.

“I can’t see what is happening in street, but I hear bombs approaching,” Ashkar, a graduate of the University of Aleppo in finance and banking, told USA TODAY. “There is no safe building left. Possible that we (will be) exposed to bombing any moment.”

Ashkar, who has been posting videos of the carnage, said Syrian troops were executing civilians on the streets, including women and children. Similar allegations have been reported by other residents to the United Nations and activists in Aleppo.

But yet, something else is happening. Something that you won’t see in the Mainstream presses.

Recent reports are coming out of Aleppo on social media that people are actually celebrating, and even cheering and parading around that the Syrian Government has retaken control of the city.

For example, as seen in this article from Mint Press News, several sources are putting up pictures from Aleppo of this. One of them is a member of the Syrian Parliament for Aleppo, who took a picture of these kids below:

But it goes beyond this. Regular folks on the ground in East Aleppo are speaking out on social media as well, excited by the fact that they have been liberated from the Syrian Rebels and groups like ISIS and al-Nusra Front (formerly the al-Qaeda branch in Syria).

For the city of Aleppo, the fighting may now be over, but much of the city has been destroyed over the 5 years of fighting between the government and rebels. Infrastructure has been destroyed to stop one another from advancing. Buildings have been bombed out by both sides. History from hundreds and even thousands of years ago was destroyed.

Those who have stayed now have the daunting task of rebuilding their city, and trying to rebuild their lives now that the fighting is over. The American media would like you to think that Aleppo is only in pain right now with the defeat of the rebels there, but there clearly is another side to the story that needs to be more represented.

Does this mean that all of Aleppo is cheering? No, it doesn’t, and it shouldn’t be taken that way. But to say that no one is cheering and to represent Aleppo as just being pro-Rebel and anti-Syrian Government is wrong, and promoting an agenda.

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